Our collars, bracelet cuffs, hatbands and headbands are

proudly made in the USA.

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 All of our collars and bracelet cuffs are constructed in three layers from the finest tanned and dry kilned calf leather as well as “glove grade” kidskin, or luxurious ultra-soft goatskin. The center portion of each collar is a supple but soft leather for added strength. All of our collars and bracelets are also lined with the softest lambskin, deerskin or glove calf for the most luxurious feeling for your pet and you.  All collars come with an additional floating “D” ring so that a leash can be attached and the collar will stay in its proper decorative position. Our Jewelry selections use the same gem quality stones as our collars and bracelets.

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    DISCLAIMER:  All the gemstones we use are natural and therefore will have slightly different color shades, striations or tones.  Any pictures shown will be a very close representation of the color and type of gemstone shown on the sample. No inferior gemstone will be "substituted" for any gem or item shown.    Size will ALWAYS be as shown.