SeaSnake Bracelet CUFF
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Another of our new additions is Snakeskin! This particular bracelet cuff is made of sea snake skin. The skin of this snake is interesting in that the surface is “sealed” and smooth and there are no directional scales like a rattler or python. The powerfully startling markings are dazzling to the eye. We did not set stones in this one so as to just show off the skin itself. Beautifully lined with natural lambskin gives this cuff exceptional comfort and elegance.
This snake has the most deadly venom on the planet but doesn’t seem to be aggressive and children in the South Pacific play with them (carefully) when they are in the water. They are milked for their venom, which has a powerful anticoagulant that could one day treat coronary conditions!

NOTE: Our exotic skins conform to the import laws regarding CITES.

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SeaSnake Bracelet CUFF

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