Gorgeous Flowered Headbands
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Headbands are IN!  These are variations of our flower headbands, in that they are also set with real gemstones.  All are hand set and handmade in the USA.  We can customize these with a specific group of gemstones and colors.  Your choice!  If you wish another kind of gemstone which is not in that specific group, they will cost a bit more, but we would be happy to make them for you. Your choice of closure - Elastic, Velcro or Springsteel.  Call us with any questions.


4-  Multicolor headband using silk flowers.         $25.00

2-  Lavender Lace headband with purple flowers $25.00

7-  Sky Blue Calfskin with Genuine Lapis Gemstone and Mosaic  $25.00

12- Rhodachrosite Gemstone with Red and White Silk Flowers  $25.00


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Gorgeous Flowered Headbands

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