Alligator and Baltic Amber Dog Collar
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Dinosaurs and million year old amber! One of our newest creations is this stunning alligator dog collar set with Baltic amber. This is not a print on regular leather, this is genuine belly alligator hide. The amber stones blaze out of the collar, and if you look closely, you will see eons-old "life" of bark, leaves and even insects in them. Shades of Jurassic Park ! What an amazing combination! Please allow 4-6 weeks when ordering any alligator skin as we only use and select the top grade belly hide. Will be custom sized and fitted to your exact measurements.

 NOTE: Our exotic skins conform to the import laws regarding CITES.   See our matching Bracelet Cuff shown above and also on our Cuffs page.       Both items sold separately

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Alligator and Baltic Amber Dog Collar

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